Sunday, November 30, 2008

Female Face - Portrait

This is a step by step of how I did a female portrait. Originally my intention was to keep it very basic and sketchy, but while doing it I got the flow with the pen and this is what I got! I didn't use any fancy brushes, just a variation between the soft and hard brush.

Here are the steps, from the construction lines to basic values and rendering.




This is the final product.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Photographs For Inspiration - Part 4

Again here are more inspirational photos I took while walking around my house! They are good for artists to observe how certain elements react when mixed with other elements. In the first photo for example it's good to see the element of metal (ship) and water (sea) together with stone (buildings) and nature (trees).

In the last two photos, the main aim was to show perspective in nature- how value changes within range. The closer objects have a higher contrast than those that are far away.

Hope it was of help and that these photos serve as good refernce!

More to come...

Photographs For Inspiration - Part 3

Photos that are good to use for inspirational purposes and for reference. Everything that is created by artists has some research and reference behind it, otherwise you won't recognize the composition!

The trunk has a very interesting texture that can be used for many different things... if combined with imagination!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Anime Drawing 2

Another anime sketch. The technique used was rough construction lines with a pencil, ink, colour (aquarelli) then ink to finish and define. As you can read, this one is of the anime Gundam.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Anime Drawing 1

A coloured sketch I did from an anime poster "Samurai 7". I first sketched it with pencil then inked it, coloured it (with coloured pencils- aquarelli) and finally another layer of ink.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Tsunade 1

A pencil drawing of a female character from the anime Naruto: Tsunade!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Ninjas Silhouette

Well this one can be called my first "presentable" art done with Corel Painter... I have to get used to it! Anyways just some study on silhouette- although one of them has very small details.
I passed more time checking and trying different brushes in Painter rather than doing them! :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ninja Scroll Drawings - Part 2

Well here is the second part of my old Ninja Scroll drawings... This time they don't show Jubei but two enemies which Jubei Kibagami finds against him in the series.

The techniques is the same as the previous one.... black ink.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ninja Scroll Drawings - Part 1

Well these days I'm posting lots of paper drawings! This is another technique I like to use... drawing with ink; making it black and white- no greyscale. Here are some more I did quite some time ago about one of the best anime ever-- Ninja Scroll. There was Ninja Scroll the Movie in 1993, then Ninja Scroll - The Series in 2003 (13 Episodes).

He is the main character for Ninja Scroll - Jubei Kibagami.

Here is him again in an action pose... It's a must for those who enjoy anime (ninjas, sword fights, creatures, nice environment...)

Next time I'll post some creatures (enemies) there are in the series.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cute Panda

I did this one long time ago... I saw it somewhere on an anime magazine and I thaught of making it.

Study for Drunken Boxing

I have a manga project in mind that is far away but for now I'm studying a lot of characteristics and positions. Here is one of my favorites shaolin styles of fighting - Drunken Boxing! Although a lot of people find it funny and it's only for show, one should know that it is a very powerful style. Jackie Chan made this style very famous with his 2 films "Drunken Master" (1978) and "The Legend of Drunken Master" (1994), aka "Drunken Master II".

Anyways here are some sketches I did (on paper) regarding this style.

This is one of the characteristics of Drunken Boxing- the Drunken Fist. It mimics like one is holding a cup.

This one is the same position but seen from the front. When I did the first one (top), it reminded me of an Anime character from the series "Naruto"- Rock Lee. So I decided to apply bandages just like his, and the result came just as I wanted!

This is a very rough sketch of a character (probably for the manga) that may suit well this style. I put on him kung fu clothes that will make him more suitable for Drunken Boxing. Done very quick and rough.

Environmental Drawing

I had to create an environment for a young children game project. This is the pencil sketch I did on paper. For coloring I re-created everything on pc. I didn't colour the scanned drawing. It had to be very vivid and solid- a cartoonish effect.

This is the final product. I am still not satisfied with the colouring technique, but as said before it had to be used for children game so the colours had to be vivid and solid.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Abstract Painting 1

Well something new for my style... I'm not a fan of abstract but I tried it out.... expressed something with various colours. Duration time -- around 15 mins.

I tried to balance cold and warm colours although the red and yellow are dominating the overall piece.

Don't know if I'll make more of these in the future....

Friday, November 7, 2008

Sci- Fi Environment

Quick Sci-fi Environmental scene... I really had nothing in mind. I let the flow of value take me with it! It took me around 30- 40 mins to make it. Here is the process step by step.

1. Here I gave shapes to the values.

2. Put in some depth by applying shadows and light.

3. This idea came along the process... I decided to add a strong light source as the focal point. Also the idea was to make it monochromatic...

4. I then decided to give some more colours but keep them quite light in value not to lose the focal point. Here is the finished piece!

As an overall it's not that bad considering that I had no plan for it!