Friday, November 7, 2008

Sci- Fi Environment

Quick Sci-fi Environmental scene... I really had nothing in mind. I let the flow of value take me with it! It took me around 30- 40 mins to make it. Here is the process step by step.

1. Here I gave shapes to the values.

2. Put in some depth by applying shadows and light.

3. This idea came along the process... I decided to add a strong light source as the focal point. Also the idea was to make it monochromatic...

4. I then decided to give some more colours but keep them quite light in value not to lose the focal point. Here is the finished piece!

As an overall it's not that bad considering that I had no plan for it!



Anonymous said...

I like both the process the final result of this picture. The pink colour at step four realy striked me, which reminds me of the wide fires recently saw near my home in Southern California. You make it look so peaceful while keeping the aesthetic values of a wide fire and the power of nature. Very inspiring piece. I will come back to look at your other works for sure. --henry li

Luca said...

Thanks Henry, yeah that was my intention to keep it very pieceful, while putting something of interesting in it.
Thanks and yes come again... you're always welcome :)