Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Forest Concept Sketch

A conceptual sketch of an environmetal forest scene. The video shows from inital to final of the sketch. I wanted to make the viewer's eye go directly to the center of the image (Focal Point).
Also I added some water to give a cool sensation to the image.

Here is the final product:

Here is the video process of it:


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Comic Hero - DeadPool

Drawing of another Star in American Comics - DeadPool.
I did it on a Semi-Matt paper and to make the pencil work was really hard as the pencil couldn't draw well on this kind of surface... but in the end it came out pretty good!

Here it is:


Oriental Environmental Sketch

Simple sketch done in Photoshop. Did some research before... it's hard to get these things from mind!

Anyways, here it is together with a video process:


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Spiderman - Traditional Way

Here are two drawings I did of Spiderman. I am still unsure if I will color them digitally... I did them the usual way they are done in comics. I have studied more in depth the anatomy and it's incredible on how many different things and aspects you have to keep in mind.

1. Here is the first example of Spiderman. This one I decided to ink it... in comic book industries there are people who do the pencil work, others who ink, and others who colour... but I've got to do all this by myself! :)

2. This one I kept it in pencil. It's a bit more rough regarding to strokes but overall it came out pretty well... I have challenged myself for this one. I had to make it in about 2 hours, in fact I did 1 hour on drawing and rendering Spiderman, and another hour to draw and render the background. (Mission accomplished!) :)
More Comic Heros to come...


Female Heads

Here are some sketches of Female faces. In this post you can see how the eyes I used in the previous post are applicable. Here are some rough skethes of female faces... usually I don't go over 4 minutes to make faces like the ones you see here. With lots of practice anyone can get this good (even better!).

Here we go! :

1. Two different angles of the head...nothing of special though!

2. This is more manga style...

3. This is more american style, as you may notice it's more realistic (comic style).
Anyways, this is the first example of some female faces... nothing of super detailed. See how the eyes are very expressive, and another characteristic you should keep in mind when drawing an attractive woman is to make their mouth slightly open... leave a small gap beteween the upper and the lower lip!


Sketching Eyes

Here are some different eyes that are mainly used for comics or manga. Mainly the eyes reflect what's inside the mind and heart- that's why eyes are very expressive. Keep in mind that in comics and manga, the eyes play a very important role. You may notice light circles underneath some eyes. Mainly if you want to build a good eye, you have to start with a circle (like in many other things!). Obviously after years of practice and experience, one will make them on the first attempt without making any consturction circles.

Anyways; practicing eyes is very important... Men eyes are different from female eyes. Females have more lashes and may be more pointed on the outside part. Male eyes are more narrow and rectangled shaped. Here is a mix of both:


Head Construction

It's been a while since I posted... that's because these days I have been constantly drawing on paper and not on digital canvas!

Well here is one of the first things I will be posting. In this example there is the male head from the front and the side view. Notice that if you want to keep the same proportions and placing of the nose, eyes, lips etc... you can make like small guide lines (Image 2)




Sunday, January 18, 2009

Year Of The Ox!

As the Chinese Spring Festival is getting closer, I decided to paint something regarding this new year -- the year of the Ox! I focused more on the head rather then the small house on the back, where I added some Chinese Lanterns. That Chinese character (word) represents the word "Ox".

Happy new year!


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Modelling a Dragon Head

This is something I came across a few days back... something I started some time ago. It's a dragon head, or better say an "unfinished" dragon head!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sci-Fi Drawing

I have been sick these days... I have passed a whole day drawing! I know that it may sound weird but drawing relaxes me so much (sometimes!).

I have sketched the idea on paper first, then I started working digitally. As you may notice from the video, I first did some perspective lines just to get the dimensions right, the rest can be seen on the video!

Here is the finished piece.