Saturday, January 24, 2009

Female Heads

Here are some sketches of Female faces. In this post you can see how the eyes I used in the previous post are applicable. Here are some rough skethes of female faces... usually I don't go over 4 minutes to make faces like the ones you see here. With lots of practice anyone can get this good (even better!).

Here we go! :

1. Two different angles of the head...nothing of special though!

2. This is more manga style...

3. This is more american style, as you may notice it's more realistic (comic style).
Anyways, this is the first example of some female faces... nothing of super detailed. See how the eyes are very expressive, and another characteristic you should keep in mind when drawing an attractive woman is to make their mouth slightly open... leave a small gap beteween the upper and the lower lip!


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