Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Environmental Sci-Fi Scene Sketch

This is something I didn't plan at all. I was doodling and experimenting with Photoshop and.... this is what it came out! I tried to balance cool and warm colours on their respective side, and introduced another colour in the middle (air shuttle).

Anyways... as you may presume that "rock" is a head of an angry wolf (or something like that!). I used no reference for this one - as I said it was totally unplanned!



Gerry Alanguilan said...

This is awesome, dude! - Komikero

Anonymous said...

very good well done

Susumu Tadashi said...

wow! great. I can only draw manga well. while you can draw everything well.
Susumu Tadashi

Luca said...

Thanks for drupping by! :)
I do my best to improve everytime!