Sunday, April 26, 2009

S. Publius Statue

Here is a painting I did in commemoration of the feast we celebrate in our local area. It's St. Publius, and here's two paintings I did. The original one is the one at the top while the other one is a small variation.



solomonsta said...

really nice
like your signature too
i hate my signature
...always comes out bad

Luca said...

Thanks, actually the signature is a brush I did so that I have it the same all the time! ;)

FunkFan said...

Hey there Luca,
I followed your link here from Concept Robots. Really Really neat stuff. I know I'm a post late but I love the "Skulls" painting. See ya

rukia said...

I like your art, too!! I have looked your blog and your work (ah, you draw very well! :) ) in photoshop, and is very difficult draw with the tablet :S ... Is exasperating, so I always prefer use watercolor, or crayons.

Work hard!

PD: don't worry, I can speak some of english xD.


Luca said...

Funkfan> Well thanks... yeah it's been quite a bit since Concept Robots - better late then never right?! Hope to see you around here more often :)

Rukia> Sometimes I also prefer to go on traditional rather then digital, but digital is cool as well. Thanks for the kind words, I hope to see you around here as well! Salu2! :p

Gormash said...

I like it... Very dramatic pose.
The original looks a bit "flatter" though, as if it were a traditional tapestry or something.
The "small variation" looks more alive and dramatic.

Luca said...

Gormash> Thanks mate... yeah, that's what I thaught as well, that's why I made the other variation ;)