Sunday, March 7, 2010

Working with some intensity!

I really wish schoolwork doesn't take much so much time. Plus that it has nothing to do with such interesting art. I did these after school, when I get home and finish my daily (personal) studies on anatomy etc. I really can't imagine if I'd get a full time concept artist - how much would I improve! :)

The second piece was inspired by my hero Kekai Kotaki (actually all of his works inspire me alot)! I will most probably use the second piece as a book cover I'm working on for a project. That was the reason why I left the lower-right corner empty- for the title.


John Silva said...

Hey man some cool stuff you got here!

Keep it up!

Luca said...

Thank you John :)

Pierre said...

Omg! This is amazing work!

Luca said...

Pierre> thank you.