Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Creature Portrait - Step by step

Here's a process shot of a creature portrait I did the last weekend. Hope you enjoy it!

All the best.


vofff said...

Hello Luca!
I have been watching your stuff a while now. I took a look at your portfolio site, I like the most is the man with the spear. Your are good at painting characters. But I think you can be much better. One question it you dont mind, do you get critz from others except your school like forums? Every paint I see your color palette are very random from yellow to blue. But anyway your stuff is solid and good luck with searching for freelance work.

Luca said...

Hey Voff. Thanks man. Yeah I get some critz from pros every while.
One reason why I experiment so much with colors is because an art director suggested me so... it helps sometimes to get out of the usual color palette and experiment with more.

Nathan said...

Cool work! I've been experimenting with colors too in the whole grayscale to color process but they don't turn out as well as yours. Keep it up man