Thursday, August 18, 2011

VIEW Conference in Turin, Italy

View Conference, the most important event in Italy on Computer Graphics, Interactive Techniques, Digital Cinema, 3D Animation, Gaming and VFX, are having a conference that is going to take place in Turin from Tuesday, Oct. 25th to Friday, Oct. 28th 2011.

VIEW Conference 2011 will host unmissable special guests:
Tom Wujec
, the visual thinking guru and award-winning innovator @ Autodesk; Sharon Calahan, Director of Photography/ Lighting for Cars 2, @ Pixar Animation Studios; Glenn Entis, Academy Award Winner, Co-Founder and General Partner @ Vanedge Capital; Scott Farrar, Academy Award Winner and VFX Supervisor for Transformers 3, @ ILM; Roger Guyett, VFX Supervisor for Cowboys & Aliens, @ ILM; Peter Nofz, CG Supervisor for Green Lantern, @ Sony Imageworks; Erminio Pinque, Artistic Director at BIG NAZO LAB;
Kris Piotrowski, Co-founder and Creative Director @ CAPY; Joshua Grow, 2011 Siggraph Computer Animation Festival Chair; Dylan Brown, Creative Director @ Pixar Canada aka Glenn McQueen Pixar Animation Center; Roger Gould, Creative Director @ Pixar's Theme Park Group; David Revoy, Digital Painter and Art Director.

If anyone is interested you can click on the link below and get more information from their website.

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