Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shade & Render Cube with Value Scale

Inspired by Xia's information about Munsell's Value Scale.Video process of how to build up a Cube with shapr edges using different values of grey.

This is the finished product. I know the perspective could be better but I did this in a couple of minutes and I focused on shading not on the perspective cube shape.

This is the video process of it. You will see the Munsell's value scale on the canvas. That is on another layer, and I used it to pick up the value I want using the Eye Dropper tool ( I ) / ALT (temporally). Regarding to brush, I used a 100% Opacity Default Round Brush for the cube and an Opacity and Flow Pen Pressure Sensitive for the rendering and shading underneath and behind the cube. Also used the Dodge Tool ( O ) for some lighting effect on the edge of the cube (light source).

You can download the Value scale from the image below.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Envirionment Sketch - Forest Lake

I really had nothing in mind but what I knew was that I wanted to make an environmental scene! Here are the images step by step of how I built it. Sorry no video process, but I really had nothing planned in mind :)

1. After putting basic shapes on a Multiply Layer, I started to define and make something come out from those different values I had. I mainly used a Flat Hard Brush with full Opacity.

2. I merged down tha first layer with the background and created another layer (Overlay mode) and put in the main 2 colour values. Cool and Warm.

3. Went in more definitions and shadows / highlights.

4. The finished product after refining the focal point and adjusting small details.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Photographs For Inspiration - Part 2

More Photographs, and this time I tried to include some more elements... hope you like them.


Photographs For Inspiration - Part 1

Photos I took that can be used for inspiration purposes. Used to see and observe how colours change and texture of different elements varies. I tried to get a good angle and a good balance of colour. Enjoy!

For now I post these four, although I have others to post... maybe I put more photos showing the sea!

Environment Sketch - Desert

Process step by step of how to create a desert concept sketch.

The final piece - although I'm not quite satisfied with it!

Children Anime Creature Concept

Anime / Manga creature concept. A basic idea I had, I wanted to create an aquatic creature maybe used for small children books - so it had to be cute, simple and maybe eye catching! I didn't produce a lot of shadows on it, only small areas have. I did this on my sketchbook and coloured it with watercolors.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Warm Environment

Warm Effect Environmental Sketch

The aim of this was to give that 'warm' sensation as soon as you rest your eyes on it. Also I made the sun as a focal-point...
Not much detail to the mountains, also I applied a high contrast to the water reflecting the sun. Well hope you got the feeling! :)

Quick Rough Sketch Soldier with Guns- Perspective angle

For this one I had nothing in mind... I have to say that I was inspired to try a new technique by Xia ( ). Lay color then let the value flow you and build up!

I believe although it's a very rough and quick sketch, its quite readable.

Demon King Artwork

This is the process and evolution of a drawing... from rough sketch to rendering and refining.

The finished Artwork!